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Scales 3.3 x 5.5


This rug was a production test and is one of a kind.

100% Wool | Flat Weave

Sahara Brown + Natural Wool


3.3' x 5.5' | 101cm x 168cm

If you’d like to add or remove tassels for a sample closet rug, please complete your purchase and then email us at bonjour@benirugs.com. Modifying tassels will add ~1 week to the shipment time.

Lead Time

Sample closet rugs will ship within 3-5 business days.

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Can I return my rug?
All sample closet orders are final and we cannot accept returns.

The Details

An Original

Your rug is made by hand from 100% natural wool, which means there will be natural, beautiful variations in pattern and color. These are sure signs of an authentic rug made just for you. Final sizes can vary by up to 4% from the size ordered.

Stay a While

Our standard knotted pile height ranges between 1" - 1.5", and averages 1.25". Our flatwoven pile height is roughly .4". If you prefer a lower or higher knotted pile, please email us and a Beni designer will work with you on a specific pile height.


Traditional Moroccan rugs feature tassels just on one side. You can order your rug with or without tassels. Tassel length is normally in the range of 4" - 6". Here's what tassels look like.

No Tassels

You can order your rug with or without tassels. Here's what the end of your rug will look like with no tassels - a neat little binding that can vary from rug to rug - like the signature of the weaver who crafted your design.

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The Studio

Handwoven in the Atlas—
customized by you.

It's honestly already my favorite rug I own. I told my friends they need to come over to check it out cause in no way can I describe how soft it is.




Rug being cleaned

Our Process

The Beni Difference

Beni's proprietary washing technique creates a super soft, luxe texture and finish. Each finished rug is washed and dried up to 5 times.