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About Beni Rugs

What makes a Beni rug a Beni rug?

We count the time it takes to make our rugs in months. Our highly trained team is obsessive about quality, excellence and treating our employees like family. A Beni rug is made at our state-of-the-art Studio outside of Marrakech, in fair-trade certified conditions, using heritage quality wool. It undergoes a top secret washing process that lends our rugs a sheen, softness and quality unlike anything else we've found. Our designs are developed in-house either by our team or in partnership with leading design world figures. Taken together, these elements create a rug unlike any other, destined for homes unlike any other.

Where are Beni Rugs made?

Great question! We are proud to be the first vertically integrated rug company in Morocco - meaning that we own and operate our own weaving and washing facilities. Doing so allows us to pay our weaving team 2 - 4x the national average, provide a beautiful working environment, and create the highest quality rugs imaginable.

Do you sell your rugs on other websites?

We do not. Our website is our flagship store, designed to welcome you and share our vision of handcrafted rugs. Unfortunately, other sites and sellers frequently copy our designs and even use our photos to sell their rugs. Our website is the only place to buy one of our original designs or one of our collaboration styles, woven with the highest quality materials in fair-trade certified working conditions. Our color palettes are the result of years of research and fine tuning, and are not available anywhere else.

What are Beni Rugs made from?

Beni Rugs are made the very highest quality, 100% live wool available. The wool is locally and humanely sourced in Morocco. We partner with a 3rd generation wool expert to create custom colors that are only available through our website.

Why are your rugs more expensive than other rugs made in Morocco?

The answer comes down to our people, our process, and our materials. Each Beni rug begins with heritage quality wool dyed in exclusive color palettes. Our weaving team is compensated at 2 - 4x the national average, works in a beautiful environment, and benefits from free transport and childcare. The Beni Studio is a fair trade facility in which every detail of every rug is obsessed over. Our state of the art washing facility creates rugs with an extraordinary texture and finish. We believe in doing things the slow way, the right way, and with the upmost respect for our team.

Will my rug shed?

Beni Rugs are made from 100% natural wool . All natural fiber rugs will shed slightly, especially in the beginning. Don't worry! Nothing is wrong with your rug. It's simply the nature of the material and the construction. That being said, we put our rugs through a very intensive washing and drying process (sometimes up to 5 times per rug) to eliminate as much shedding as possible before shipment. Regular vacuuming in the first couple of weeks will help to quickly reduce shedding.

What is the warranty on my rug?

Please follow our care instructions to ensure a long life for your new heirloom. If anything does go awry, please drop us a line at bonjour@benirugs.com and we'll make it right.

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