Introducing Flatwoven Rugs



In the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, a small community of Berber descendants have been crafting handwoven rugs in the same way for thousands of years - entirely by hand, one knot at a time. When you place your one-of-a-kind order, we pass it along to the same community of shepherds, dyers, and weavers that have been creating rugs together for generations. No machines, just twenty-four hands and a tradition older than Morocco itself.

Handwoven in the Atlas—customized by you.

Size Guide

"Measure twice, cut once." Make sure you order the right size rug for your space using the size guide below.

What to Measure: Your entire seating area. 

Tip: Leave a minimum of 6-8" of rug on either side of your sofa. 

Option A: All In. Every piece of furniture is contained on the surface of the rug. 

Common Sizes: 9x12, 10x14, 12x15 

Option B: Half on, half off. The front legs of your furniture rest on the rug. 

Common Sizes: 6x9, 8x10

What to measure: Your bed and nightstands (if you have them) 

Tip: Leave 30-36" of rug all around the bed 

Option A: Under the Bed. At least the lower 2/3 of the bed should be on the rug. For larger rooms, the entire bed can rest on the rug. 

Common Sizes: 8x10 (Queen Bed), 9x12 (King Bed) 

Option B: Runners. Place runners on either side of your bed. This feels great first thing in the morning.

Common Sizes: 2.5x4, 3x5, 3x6

What to measure: Your entire dining area, chairs included.

Tip: Make sure to leave a minimum of 18” to 24” of rug on all sides of the dining table. You want all of your chairs fully on the rug at all times.

Common Sizes: 8x10


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