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The Beni Apartment Showroom

The Apartment, NYC

Beni in a brownstone. Our charming West Village showroom reimagines what it’s like to shop for a rug. We’ll meet by the fireplace, dream up your perfect rug, review color and weave examples, and answer any questions you’ll have. We can’t wait to welcome you in.

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It’s In The Details

  • The Beni Apartment Showroom

    Welcome In

    We worked closely with Colin King, Beni’s Artistic Director At Large to design the space. The brief: A fabulous friend’s pied-a-terre (who just so happens to really love gorgeous rugs).

  • The Beni Apartment Showroom

    A Cozy HQ

    Our NYC team incudes 2 interior designers, who are here to help you find the perfect size and style for your space (and to brew a mean cup of coffee).

  • The Beni Showroom NYC

    Sample Stacks

    Large scale color samples, pom-poms, and our favorite vintage finds from around the world fill the space. Pull up a chair and stay a while.

  • Home Sweet Home

    Nestled into one of the West Village's most charming blocks, just off Fifth Avenue.

Colin King

When we designed the space, we leaned into the feeling of a collected home. The visuals at play instantly feel both old and new — a balance so beautifully echoed by the weavers and the designs that Beni creates.

What to expect

Seasonal rug installations, curated by the Beni creative team, will highlight new designs and patterns. Larger scale color samples in every shade will be stacked and ready to peruse. To-go sample packs are yours for the taking. Did we mention our charming showroom managers Nick and Danielle?

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The Beni Apartment Showroom

Visit Morocco

The Beni Weaving Team

The Studio, Morocco

A reinterpration of craft. The first facility of its kind in Morocco, the buzzing Beni Studio is combination weaving floor, design hub, washing facility, showroom, and shipping floor.

Visit us to see how a rug is crafted by hand, design your own, and top it all off with an espresso (or rosé) from our Milan-inspired bar.

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What to expect

  • Beni pom pom samples

    A Desert Oasis

    Feel the Beni difference. Explore our construction types, review color samples, and design your perfect rug.

  • Weaver working at loom

    Weaving a Tale

    An open air courtyard centered around a 150 year old olive tree allows for complete transparency and a view of our weaving team at work.

  • Rugs drying

    The Magic of Craft

    The Beni Backyard: A wonderland of rotating rugs are thrown over hand hewn drying racks after being washed to achieve the ultimate texture. The washing recipe? It's a closely guarded secret.

  • Beni studio fireplace

    The Ride's On Us

    Private transfer from Marrakech to the studio is available upon request. You'll be greeted by the team and given a personal Studio tour.

Our Team

  • Beni Weavers at Loom

    Evolving Craft

    Composed of 85 weavers, our growing in-house weaving team works from two thoughtfully designed ateliers just outside of Marrakech. Less experienced weavers work alongside master weavers, honing their craft while ensuring that each rug is woven by a weaver who has reached the pinnacle of her craft.

  • Beni shipping team

    In House Expertise

    Training programs, opportunities for career advancement, and benefit packages are geared towards cementing weaving as a viable career option, elevating its place and celebrating the skills required.

  • Weaver cutting rug warp

    An Analog Art

    A high tech business we are not - we believe in the beauty of the natural and the handmade as grounding elements in our fast paced world. The power of conversation between past and present breathes new life into heritage craft.


We want visitors to browse unhurriedly, get inspired by the magic of craft, and enjoy an espresso from our Milan-inspired bar.



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