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The Archival Collection

by Tom Delavan

A Study on Balance

The power of the handwoven

Broken Symmetry By Eyeswoon

Quiet sophistication


Ritual, shape, and shadow collide

Beni rugs are handwoven in the Atlas — customized by you. We’re proud to bring you incredible designs, while preserving an age old craft & supporting local communities.

Beni Collections

Meet our collections. From traditional geometric patterns to rugs inspired by lush gardens or the masters of modern art, explore until you find a rug that makes you feel at home.

Knotted vs. Flat

Knotted rugs are sumptuous, warm, and incredibly soft underfoot. The pile for these rugs ranges from 1" - 1.5".  Flat rugs are the breezier, more casual cousin to full pile. A different weaving technique means these rugs keep a lower profile.

Old world meets new world

In the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, a community of Amazigh (Berber) descendants have been crafting handwoven rugs in the same way for thousands of years - entirely by hand, one knot at a time.


When you place your one-of-a-kind order, we pass it along to the same community of shepherds, dyers, and weavers that have been creating rugs together for generations.

Good things are worth waiting for

All Beni rugs are made to order. No machines, just twenty-four hands and a tradition older than Morocco itself.

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"Rugs That Double as Art"

"Reimagining the Rug Trade"

"These rugs are worth the money and the wait"

"With options to customize size and design, these one-of-kind rugs are gorgeous in any space."

"Ancient Craft With A Distinctly E-Commerce Twist."

"Gorgeously simple designs and luxuriously thick wools."