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Natural pleasures

Everything around us is alive and all we create is made in its image.


June 29th, 2024



Photos and video

Iván Varela Suárez, William Jess Laird

The connection between person and place is inseparable. We’re magnets sticky with energy, clinging to the soil that we came from; longing for meaning in our matter. Filmmaker Agnes Varda once said:

“If we opened people up, we’d find landscapes.”

The Beaches of Agnès

The Beaches of Agnès

Boundaries Sage Green + Natural Wool

100% Wool | Knotted
4 Colorways



She went on to say that if someone cracked her open, they’d find a beach with memories like sand slipping through her fingers. We think of this often when we’re asked about our studio in Morocco. It’s not where we are, but a place we’ve become. Everything we do, every sheep that’s sheared, is steeped in the spirit of Marrakech. Saturated in color and sun, we brew our tea under the desert sky overlooking the curvature of the Atlas Mountains. You can smell sweet jasmine. You can play mancala with fallen olives from the trees. Everything around us is alive and all we create is made in its image.

American Desert II 94-03 © Jungjin Lee, from Jungjin Lee: Desert

American Desert II 94-03 by Jungjin Lee

Agave Navy Blue + Oxblood

100% Wool | Knotted
4 Colorways



Threading the needle of the past through the present, our facility is the first of its kind in Morocco, combining all parts of the process – designing, weaving, washing, drying, showcasing and shipping – into one wondrous instrument.

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